Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Send Me One Dollar

There is an abundance of beauty and good in the world, but it still has plenty of problems. The world could be made better. Many of us would like to help build a better world, but taking on the whole world as a project can certainly seem overwhelming. Where does one even begin? And what can one person with simple resources actually do?

Some say, it's not their responsibility; "I pay my taxes, so the government should take care of that."

Still others like to complain about the situation, "In the old days it was better, today everyone is corrupted, they should have..."

The common thread in all these reactions is - inactivity.

The result is a terminal disease called apathy.

The only cure is taking action.

Someone has to start and lead the way, creating a better world.

What about you?


Help each other make a better world

I am Hannah from Malaysia,a small businesswomen.I need US$ One Million to invest in Malaysia and Asia.Because I know it is difficult to get Unsecured Loans from Banks and other financial institutions, I invite all class people of the World to help me with as little as US$1.00 with which I can create new jobs for Malaysia & Asia people, and to help other peoples that are not able to do any job.

What can one dollar do for you? If that dollar stays in your hands, it can buy a coke, a bag of chips, or something at the dollar store.

However, if you put the same dollar in our hands it can:

1.)Create job opportunities in Malaysia and Asia
2.)Help other peoples that are not able to do any job
3.)provides poor families with temporary shelter

I hope that there are a lot of people in the World that want to help others in need.

When you send me a dollar.You can:

1.)Gets a link to your own page posted on this site
2.)Ask a question !Anything you wanna know in Malaysia.
(Recommended Food,Restaurant,Hotel,Best Travel Location,History Places And Etc...)

The earlier you donate, the earlier your website will be displayed on this page. Since I am going to do some rigorous advertising, you will also get the benefit by getting more visitors. It is a matter of one dollar only. Do not hesitate. Just give one dollar right now.

Every act of compassion makes a difference. Be a hero for a better world!

When you send a dollar, leave a message or post your link!

To send me a dollar via PayPal, credit card, please click the secure Paypal button below (you can include a personal message too)

For any ideas or suggestion to me,you can reach me by this email address: sendme1onedollar@gmail.com